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Zoom/Case studies

The EuroAfrica-ICT Initiative produced 5 zoom/case studies featuring success stories, innovating ICT research and/or technological developments or results in specific African countries or regions. Topics and addressed countries were agreed among all EuroAfrica-P8 consortium partners and with the EC, in collaboration with the World Bank, the EuroAfrica-P8 Knowledge Partner.


  • Describe the context of the intervention and give a brief overview of the main activities;
  • Analyse and understand the barriers to the greater adoption and mainstreaming of a transformational use of ICT;
  • Analyse and understand the enabling factors of success, including political economy, policy, institutional, human, financial and operational factors;
  • Estimate the costs and opportunities to scale the innovation in Africa


  • 1st Case study: The case of irrigation and ICT in Egypt (pdf)
  • 2nd Case study: The case of Health and ICT in Ethiopia (pdf)
  • 3rd Case study: The case of Education and ICT in Uganda (pdf)
  • 4th Case study: The case of Climate Change and ICT in Senegal (pdf)
  • 5th Case study: The case of Government Services and ICT in Malawi (pdf)
  • 6th Case study: The case of Financial Services and ICT in Kenya (pdf)