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The International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD), partner of the EuroAfrica-P8 consortium, launched in 2010 an initiative serving as a collaboration platform on the practice and implementation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in sustainable development, through user-led interaction and contributions: iConnect-Online is a social online community website that engages people with experience in implementing ICT4D on the ground in order to inform the global debate.

iConnect-Online is a platform to interact, meet, and share experiences, lessons learned and ideas with others from diverse backgrounds and similar interests, from practitioners to businesses and research organisations with an active interest in ICT4D that want to contribute to and find out more about the impact of ICT4D. The platform includes locally produced articles, highlights, and news on the themes of agriculture and livelihoods, education, environment, gender, governance, health, and innovation. The content availed via iConnect focuses on evidence-based, real life experiences and impact in the field of ICT4D.

The choice of linking the EuroAfrica-P8 website to the iConnect platform derives from the need of creating a bridge between the ‘research’ and ‘development’ dimensions: on the one hand the EuroAfrica-P8 project has a more technical and scientific perspective (addressing experts, researchers and stakeholders in the field), on the other hand the iConnect Online platform reflects on-the-ground experiences, focusing mostly on social and local needs regarding ICT4D. The EuroAfrica-P8 project will take great advantage of this double perspective.

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