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A number of Frequently Asked Questions has been made available by the European Commission to clarify what the Seventh Framework Programme is and how it works (General), which are the financial rules of FP7 (Finance) and which are the arrangements for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
Participant portal
The participant portal is the entry point for electronic administration of EU-funded research and innovation projects and hosts the services for managing proposals and projects throughout their lifecycle. Currently the portal covers mainly actions under the 7th EU-Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7). In the future, its coverage will be extended to other programmes in the area of research and innovation.
The Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS), is an information space devoted to European research and Development (R&D) activities and technology transfer.
Horizon 2020
The European Commission is implementing the research-funding programme that succeeds to FP7 (EU’s “7th framework programme for research and technology development”). This new programme – called “Horizon 2020” – covers the period 2014–2020 and supports “Europe 2020”, the European “strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”, and more specifically its “Innovation Union” flagship initiative.A total budget of EUR 80 billion (over EUR 10 billion per year) is earmarked and addresses three key priorities: (i) support the EU’s position as a world leader in science, (ii) secure industrial leadership in innovation, and (iii) address major societal challenges. Simplified rules for participation (including a reduction of average time to grant by 100 days), a stronger participation of SMEs, and an increased international cooperation are among the objectives of this new programme.

Horizon 2020 explained
Horizon 2020 EU Official Presentation
ICT in Horizon 2020

Africa-EU Relationships
EU-Africa relationships are strong and complex for both geo-strategic and historical reasons. Since the late 1990’s the EU has gradually moved towards a more specific relationship with Africa and since the historic first Africa-EU Summit held in Cairo in 2000 where the partnership was strengthened through the institutionalisation of the EU-Africa dialogue, considerable change has taken place on both continents. For detailed information on the developments of Africa-EU relations, please visit the dedicated section of our website here.
Database of African research institutes
In order to support the development of Euro-African collaborative projects, a database of key Research Institutes in Africa specialising in the ICT domain has been developed and is available here.
Partner search
Ideal-IST is an international ICT partner search network, with more than 65.000 contacts in line with the international cooperation strategy of the European Commission. Ideal-IST provides sophisticated Partner Search Services and the Ideal-IST network creates opportunities to find partners to build ICT projects consortia.
All acronyms used in this website are expounded here.