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Informative events play a significant role not only in explaining cooperation opportunities on ICT research and ICT4D to interested communities but also in offering networking opportunities among parties willing to engage in collaborative projects. More than 30 events have been organised under the EuroAfrica-ICT initiative since 2006, all of them welcomed with enthusiastic participation from African and European delegates (testimonials).

Those kinds of events are thus a standard component of the EuroAfrica-ICT Initiative and are important milestones for the project offering direct interaction between African and European experts in order to harness the vast opportunities offered by ICT and related services for socio-economic growth.

The EuroAfrica-ICT Initiative has accordingly organized 7 events over 2012-2013:

  • 3 FP7-Horizon2020/ICT awareness/training workshops in Lesotho, Tunisia and Senegal
  • 2 FP7-Horizon2020/ICT thematic working group meetings in The Netherlands and Cameroon
  • 2 new editions of the “Africa-EU Cooperation Forum on ICT” in Portugal and Ethiopia