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Euro-African experts identify questions to help shape the future of e-Health

The EuroAfrica-ICT/P8 Thematic Working Group Meeting on e-Health took place on 14 February 2013 in The Netherlands.

A group of 30 African and European experts from the ICT-for-health field came together in The Hague to identify and propose priority areas for e-health research. Five research questions were identified to elaborate on, including for instance: how to develop a set of measuring instruments for e-Health systems to evaluate impact?

This expert consult was organised by IICD as part of the EuroAfrica-ICT/P8 project. The participants identified trends, opportunities and priority areas for enhanced collaboration between Europe and Africa on e-Health research, development, and deployment.

The e-health expert consultation meeting allowed IICD to convene a valuable group of individuals and organsiations from Europe and Africa with diverse expertise in the field of e-health to inform the recommendations, while at the same time providing an opportunity for dialogue and networking around future ICT research in e-health.

The findings from the meeting will inform recommendations by the EuroAfrica-ICT/P8 project to the European Commission and African Union Commission regarding future ICT cooperation mechanisms and ICT research priorities.



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